Why do you need transfer pricing courses?

Both practical and theoretical knowledge are of paramount importance in any transfer pricing exercise.

One cannot perform transfer pricing analyses and cannot properly prepare its company for a transfer pricing audit in current environment if it doesn’t spend a significant amount of time to learn and update himself with latest developments in transfer pricing.

Internal accountants and financial managers should keep themselves updated on a constant basis regarding the new trends and changes in transfer pricing arena so as to be able to react properly to ever changing transfer pricing regulations and to update the internal procedures of the company either with own resources or by knowing when to contract a consultant and to know what to request from that consultant.

The transfer pricing courses can help reduce the time spent by internal staff to keep themselves updated and can also help in reducing the risk of overlooking important details and exposing the company to significant risks.

How we can help?

We organize periodically webinars and business breakfasts for our clients. We can also arrange for tailored classes on transfer pricing.

For clients wishing to tackle by themselves transfer pricing issues, we offer tailored trainings and courses to help them understand the issues their industry is facing and how to tackle such issues. We can also tailor our trainings and courses based on the preferences of our clients.

Moreover, we help professional services companies with setting up their internal transfer pricing teams or assisting their clients on transfer pricing matters. We can either take on the issue on our own or work in joint teams to provide clients with top class transfer pricing services.

On the opposite side, we can just organize on the job training of your own staff by working together on a couple of projects both and making use of effective feedback techniques.

How do we do it?

For clients requesting us tailored trainings and / or courses, we will first set up a meeting to find out what are the objectives and to try to define together a draft agenda.

After this first kick-off meeting, we will analyze all the information and will draft a final agenda taking into account all the practical aspects and requirements from your side.

Once the final agenda will be agreed, we will be able to send you our tailored proposal.

Going through the project, we will send you before each session the materials used as support and we will travel to your headquarters for each session of the training.

Key benefits

Training as an employee benefit
Help driving transformation from inside to outside of the organization
Achieve more results with less efforts