Radiography on the industry

The global telecommunication market is continually transforming due to innovations and ongoing developments that are constantly and at an accelerated pace, especially with regard to 5G processes and its deployment on the market, which will be a key focus in the coming years.

Many factors can be identified that contribute significantly to the growth of the global telecommunications market. Here we include advanced technology, intense market competition and high investment in new telecommunications technologies such as wireless and satellite communications. Some of these factors that are vital to the development of the industry: service accessibility, innovative services such as e-agriculture and e-learning, and high-speed internet demand. However, the high cost of value added services can restrict market growth. In addition, maintaining security will be a huge challenge in the long run.

It is obvious that people's lives appear to be increasingly dependent on the use of telecommunications products and services, which is why the global telecoms market is growing enormously and will continue in the same direction in the future.

How we can help?

Our experts have extensive experience in preparing transfer pricing documentation for customers in the IT and telecommunication industry.

We are focused on helping companies in the IT and telecommunication industry to solve complex transfer pricing challenges with quality and efficiency. Also, we have created a full range of transfer pricing advisory services to a wide array of clients, including local state owned and private enterprises, central government bodies, and leading international corporations.

Our team is at your disposal with a wide range of custom transfer pricing services for the IT and telecommunication industry, including:

  • preparation of transfer pricing files;
  • preparation of tailored benchmarking studies;
  • preparation of transfer pricing policies;
  • support during transfer pricing audits;
  • preparation of Country by Country Reports and submission of these reports;
  • preparation of Country by Country Report notifications and submission of these notifications;
  • management of transfer pricing documentation projects;
  • creation of procedures to be applied by each company when performing an intra-group transaction;
  • coordination with foreign group companies and external transfer pricing advisers;

Key benefits

Aware of the problems at the industry level

We have started projects with many customers involved in software development and telecommunications companies, managing to understand the main challenges they face in transfer pricing, but also the market's inclinations.

Have one point of contact for all your transfer pricing affairs

You can of course contract us for managing your transfer pricing affairs for only one entity, but you should keep in mind that we can also manage all the EU entities from a transfer pricing perspectives and you could achieve maximum of efficiency by doing so.

We can act as a liaison across all you entities and keeping their business under control from a transfer pricing perspective and then we will report directly to the persons assigned from your side.

Highly specialized and cost effective

We offer a new and highly effective solution to your transfer pricing affairs in these times of scarce internal resources and increasing cost-pressures.

We have experienced and competent transfer pricing consultants that can truly handle your transfer pricing issues on a regular basis relieving you from these issues and allowing you to concentrate on other essential tasks.