transfer pricing conference

Tax & Finance Forum 2019

On May 29-30, 2019, ATIPIC Solutions team had the pleasure of attending the Tax & Finance Forum, organized by BusinessMark, a conference where many experts met to discuss the latest tax issues.

This year's edition of the conference had as main landmarks the most important fiscal trends and policies at the international level, the main aspects of direct taxes and indirect taxes, as well as the latest amendments and regulations of the Fiscal Code.

Tuesday, on the first day of the conference, Viorel Sbora, Transfer Pricing Partner, discussed how important it is that the transfer pricing file to have the elements needed for court support, but also about the new European directives that affect the way companies handle transfer prices. He also discussed the advantages, disadvantages and the process of obtaining a price advance agreement.

On the second day of the conference, four seminars were organized on various topics, the protagonists of one of these seminars being the members of our team. In the seminar, Viorel Sbora, Mihaela Bobocea and Stefania Manolache discussed the quantification of transfer pricing risks by types of transactions in the case of an incomplete / incorrect transfer price file or incorrectly compiled benchmarking studies, but also about how in which there is a check of the transfer pricing file.

Subsequently, they presented the process by which the company to whom the transfer pricing file is requested and what solutions should the external auditor accept when there is no time for preparing the transfer pricing file until the financial audit is completed.

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