We have developed optimal procedures and processes that we strictly respect within every project.



No matter the type of service we provide, first step is the to collect a preliminary set of information in an efficient face to face meeting with your team. During this meeting not only we will build a start-up strategy together, but we will also lay the grounds for the whole project.

Preliminary information request

After formal agreement of the terms of our collaboration, first step within the project will be to send you a preliminary information request. This information request will largely consist of documents that are already available and can be supplied with small efforts.

Face to face meeting for information gathering

After receipt and analysis of the information already available, we will organize a face to face meeting where we will discuss about more complex aspects of the intra-group transaction, including analysis of the functions, risks and assets, as well as discussion on the contracts concluded with related parties.

Second information request

After the face to face meeting, we will process all the information gathered and in most of the cases we will come up with a second information request. This information request will comprise of more complex information such as P/L analyses, justification of lossess, financial statements analyses, and more others.



Based on the information gathered during meetings we will elaborate the analyses and start drafting the preliminary deliverables. After our internal quality control, we will deliver a first draft to be reviewed by the client.

Analysis of the information

All the information gathered up to this point allows us perform an in depth analysis of the facts and circumstances specific to the particular case.

Overall strategy of the project

After analysis and understanding of the information received upon this phase, we will build a strategy that will be our guide during the remaining of the project.

Drafting the preliminary deliverable

Starting from the strategy drawn in previous phase, we will draft a preliminary deliverable.

Sending the preliminary deliverable for review

This preliminary deliverable will require sustained efforts from our side, but once it is finalized, it will help you learn how your case will be defended.



After receiving the feedback from the client on our understanding of the facts presented in the draft, we will once more review from a technical perspective the entire project and if everything is accordingly, we will submit the final deliverable with all supporting documents.

Analysis and discussion of the feedback

After sending a preliminary deliverable, we will leave you time to analyse it and see whether it fits your expectations. We will then have a second meeting or a phone call to discuss your concerns and suggestions.

Implementation of agreed changes

Depending on what we agreed during the meeting or the phone call from the previous step, we will implement the changes in the final deliverable.

Final review and final deliverable

After the implementation of all the changes, we will perform a final review of the documentation and, if the case, we will perform any remaining adjustments, after we will issue the final deliverable and will send you all the final documents.


We can offer progressive strategies to help address the range of challenges facing the logistics industry.

So far we have worked with many Central and Eastern European pharmaceutical industry customers.

Automotive industry is one of the industries for which we have prepared the most transfer pricing files.

With a deep understanding of our clients needs, we offer a full suite of services that covers the retail industry.

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